Last update: Dec 2019Refund Policy for NextraHost
We Offer's our Customer with an 7 days moneyback Policy.
    ⚫ There will be no Refunds If You Join Any Person Affiliate Link. .

    ⚫ If you want money back, then you have to tell us the reason for it first.

    ⚫ If our hosting or server is a problem then you will get 100% refunded.

    ⚫ Our money-back guarantee will be applied till 7 days, after 7 days you will not get any money refund.

    ⚫ If you apply for a refund, you need to say problem, you will not get a refund by talking to our team and get the problem solved.

    ⚫ You will not be refunded tax in refund.

    ⚫ Our Refund Policy Applicable only for new clients. Existing clients will not eligible for the 7 days money back policy even for new orders.We would be happy to give you an full refund within the 7 days of purchase if you are not comfordable with our Services.

    ⚫ There will be no Refunds for Hosting Renewals

    ⚫ If your data is deleted from you then it is not our problem, then, in that case, you cannot get money back.

    ⚫ If you install anything wrong or non-licensed in the C-panel, then it is not our problem and you will not get money back for that.

    ⚫ If you must have provided wrong details in the Register then it is your problem, you cannot get money back in it.

    ⚫ For money back / refund you have to first open a ticket in Clint area and tell Us the reason for taking refund / money back.

    ⚫ If you have entered any details wrong while creating your account, then you will not get your money back.

    ⚫ If your reason is correct then you will be refunded your money in 10 working days

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